Meet Renderworks 2016

Explore Lighting and Renderworks Textures

Vectorworks with Renderworks 2016 has introduced some fabulous new features for creating visuals of your designs.

We're often asked by our customers how they can get their 3D rendered visuals to look better. When we look at them in detail, we find that the extensive range of textures have been applied with their "out of the box" settings. In this free webinar, we'll focus on best practice for lighting. We'll also look at the Renderworks texture editor and show how you can enhance the textures that come with Renderworks and Vectorworks Service Select. We'll also look at how you can create new textures from scratch so that you can represent just about any material.


  • Explore the existing texture library and look at the settings within the texture editor
  • Creating new textures from scratch either "by numbers" or from an image
  • Use Surface Hatches within a Renderworks Texture
  • Explore Renderworks Styles and how to combine photorealistic and artistic styles
  • Display hatches in Hidden Line renders

Date: Available upon request. Please email:

Where: At your computer


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Too shy to learn Vectorworks face to face?

If you're too shy to learn face to face, or can't get to our office, or if you want to learn Vectorworks online, we are able to offer our standard classroom courses as online courses to take in your own time.